Goodbye My Friend


December 20 2009

Hahax... i knows its been a while since i last updated my blog... sorry ==
i got nothing to update... jux work all day long...
now i've finally found out smth to post...
its a big day today... not very big though...
it a farewell party to say bye bye to our 3A's class genius with 8 times number 1 in the class*according to him*
He's going to singapore to continue his studies over there...
This party was organized by our very good yi sin ==
Although the party was particular a failure... LOL paiseh...
but we did hav a great time...
The foods we all prepared... the games we played with funs & laughter...
After games... we eat cake... its chocolate cake... LOL... from puiyee...
thn is gifting time... me and zhun jing spent one hundred over ringgit to buy an ADIDAS bag for him...

December 23 2009

Today... me jervis and sim may went sunway pyramid....
Haha... this is our last outing with each other... unfortunately... jing's mom doesn't allowed him to come...
We are having a great great time there...
Bowling, shopping, arcade-ing...
i jux wish we could hav more times together...

To my friend jervis: You are really a best friend i have ever had... Without u... my studies will be sux... without u i would be bored everytime in school... Lastly... i wan to thank you for helping me these much during my secondary school life... it was a wonderful to spent it with you... And i should greet u all the best in Singapore with no friends and family... I wont forget you and the wonderful moments... Goodbye!!!



不小心被你听见 我也就不再忍耐
笑容笑容 把气氛打开

我越是手足无措 你越是笑得开怀
算了算了 不需要对白

因为你 没有谁能替代
因为你 在所以我存在

因为你 历史都能更改
没有你 我就不要未来
你的爱 就能让我活过来


因为你 没有谁能替代
因为你 在所以我存在

因为你 历史都能更改
没有你 我就不要未来
你的爱 就能让我活过来


因为你 没有谁能替代
因为你 在所以我存在

因为你 历史都能更改
没有你 我就不要未来
你的爱 就能让我活过来

P/S:因为你 让我生命充满希望 因为你 让我生命充满期待。。。



Haha... I know its abit late to post thing about last friday...

But this day is the day i will never forget...

ME,Jing,Jervis,May went Sunway Pyramid... *with jing's family?*

actually is six of us... but the others suddenly "fong fei gei" LOL!!!

till the midnight we are still finding ppl to go the movie as we've bought the ticket...

Let's hope our next outing wouldn't happen tis "last minute" again~

First... I shud say me and jervis's first destination would be my dad's office... LOL...

This guy... Folding stars whole day long... sry to say... The one he failed is more than the one he success... btw... i know mrs.ong would be damn like it... right?!?!

Then.... JIng come to fetch us to sunway...

LOL... We were late as expected... we went for Red Box chiong k!!!

It was sooooo nice... compare to our first experience... right jing???

We sing whole 2 hours... Wakaka... but honestly... the food was super suck~ LOL...

Thn we go watch 2012... OMG!!! this is really a wonderful show....

Character of the day: Yuri!!! *engine start* LOL!!!
Scene of the day: oOo... nice one!!!
Leng zai of the day: Sasha!!! LOL!!! *not gay*

This was the first time we went out with Jervis... and who knows? myb the last time...
We get a small present from him... LOL....

p/s: To my frens... it was a wonderful ime to be with you all... and i hopes our friendship nvr dies... Frenz4eva^^


21 guns?

Do you know what's worth fighting for,

When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky,
You and I

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky,
You and I

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky,
You and I


1st Gathering

Wakaka... After three years...

Our first ever gathering finally arrived... LOL...

Thx to Sean gor and Choo Hou for organizing that... *dunno whether is them anot*

People that arrived are ME of cox, sin, may, jing(which is nth to do with him), hong yee, sean, choo hou, yen wei, chok peh, jia cheng, pui san, amanda, carrmun, tung mun cheng, shoon yik, and sorry others that i did not mention as i hav short term memory loss... LOL

As expected... when i arrived tat... i was HUMILIATED by them... actually not... haha... jux ejek...

But im used to it.. so i dun really care...

At first... we seperated to groups... LOL... our group went SAKAE sushi to hav our lunch...

Whereas the other group went to pizza hut.... LALALA...

Who knows we are the fastest... LOL...*not the point*

Sienz... we went bowling... surprisingly i got second highest mark...

After bowling... we were like dog walking here and there finding smth to do...

Thn all seperate again... I folo the gals... LOL... gals= pui san, amanda, carmun...

And jie... tell me when u dun wan ur phone a... wakaka!!!

DUnno wan write what d....

so i'll stop here...

P/S: im quite happy today... having to meet my old frens again... hope to see you all again next year... 我们还有机会在一起吗?


Happy Birthday^^


Happy Birthday to my "leng lui kai jie"-according to my contact list... --

And that girl in da pic was my "LENG LUI" kai jie~

Today, we whole big family celebrate her 21st birthday in a seafood restaurant somewhere near damansara...

The food there was like.... OMGEE so yummy~ i jux eat eat eat... but my lunch ate quite late today so i din really eat much as usual

And the topic of the day was... she bring her BF to celebrate too.... wakaka!!! for me... he look yeng and slim (which i dun hav)

The cake was wonderful in visual... however... a book cannot judge by its cover... the taste was jux okok... it had many ladybird on the cake

After tat it was time to giv present... i hav nth to giv... psps... do forgive me... until his bf's... it was a big box at first... but when open it getting smaller and smaller box... until the last one... it was a "diamond & platinum" brand necklace... that time she laugh so sweetly... that scene was an unforgettable one...

-- until here... she ask me why break with her... and so it ended by zat-ed by her... ( i hve put hope into me n u, i once thought that the hopes are alive whn u were here, but it seems like everything is not happening well, i've do everything i could for u and put a lot of efforts on our relationship,but it jux end by hurting u... ima sorry... really really sry... hope tat u could find a btr guy and live happily ever after...)

Lastly... Sorry to meng fai and brandon tat i did not post the "GIRLS" post... cox i need sometime to think what to write... feel free to giv me some tips about it^^ ty^^

TO leng lui kai jie: Happy Birthday and may ur life going btr and btr.... treat ur bf well... I wanna go ur wedding soon... ^^




已经多少岁了, 还天天吵架~

未了那些小事吵架, 连小孩子都不如啊~

CCB~ 要吵就出去吵~










他的輕狂留在 某一節車廂
地下鐵裡的風 比回憶還重

對他唯一遺憾 是分手那天
我奔騰的眼淚 都停不下來
若那一刻重來 我不哭

我愛他 轟轟烈烈最瘋狂
我的夢 狠狠碎過卻不會忘
曾為他 相信明天就是未來
情節有多壞 都不肯醒來

我愛他 跌跌撞撞到絕望
我的心 深深傷過卻不會忘
我和他 不再屬於這個地方
最初的天堂 最終的荒唐

如果還有遺憾 又怎麼樣呢
傷了痛了懂了 就能好了嗎

我愛他 轟轟烈烈最瘋狂
我的夢 狠狠碎過卻不會忘
逃不開 愛越深越互相傷害
越深的依賴 越多的空白 該怎麼去愛


Blog revive~

Wakaka.... I'm back >.<
so... i've nth to say... ^^
jux leave a comment in the box!!! i'll update soon~

To XY:
I collected all the sunshine in this world And warm it upon your heart Wishing u joy and happiness May your life blossom like a bouquet